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Lonnie Gordon Ogulnick

Lonnie Gordon Ogulnick


Financial Life Planning

An Objective Approach to Investment Management In today╩╝s ever-changing market, investors are faced with a multitude of investment alternatives. When compounded with the continually increasing amounts of information, the task of properly evaluating such choices has led to focus on both our clients' financial goals as well as peace of mind. 

Gordon Wealth is a team of financial professionals managing assets for private and corporate clients. Our goal is to help clients accumulate and preserve wealth over a long-term investment horizon. We are also dedicated to understanding and helping each and every one of our clients get what they want out of life. 

We utilize a process-driven approach to investment management with our clients, aimed at optimizing portfolio performance at a level of risk that is derived from their specific investment profiles. The result is a working relationship founded on sound principles, providing clients with objective investment advice and life coaching. Our investment recommendations and choices will always be based on what is best for our clients at each stage of their life. 

Approach to Risk

Every investment portfolio contains inherent risks and, therefore, is given vital consideration in the development of a clients╩╝ investment strategy. We believe risk is one of the most critical elements of investing. We recognize the hard work and dedication all our clients put into attaining and growing their wealth. Our goal is to place their money into the hands of the best and most capable minds on Wall Street.